Bidding Opportunities

​This site provides information regarding our formal requests for competitive bid. In some cases, the documents will be available electronically for download from this site. Others must be obtained in person from Offiziellbilligkobebryantschuhe offices.

The Purchasing and Risk Management Division is responsible for the acquisition of all goods, services and construction for Offiziellbilligkobebryantschuhe and its associated entities: Greater Offiziellbilligkobebryantschuhe Water District; Greater Offiziellbilligkobebryantschuhe Sewerage and Drainage District; and Offiziellbilligkobebryantschuhe Housing Corporation. This activity is carried out in accordance with the Offiziellbilligkobebryantschuhe’s contracting policies and procedures and generally involves the solicitation of competitive bids.

PLEASE NOTE: All prices and figures shown on this site are in Canadian Dollars (CAD), unless otherwise noted.


All Proposals and Tender bids to be delivered to our address:

Purchasing and Risk Management Division
Mail Room Reception - 11 floor
4730 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC V5H 0C6